Like what you see?? Want to advertise your business on our home page??

Download the Affiliate Advertising Application

How it works:

  • Your ad will appear at the VERY TOP of both the GAR and the MLS Home Pages – this is called a Carousel.
  • Carousels rotate in 7 second intervals.
  • Maximum number of affiliate ads in the carousel per month is 5.
  • Number of months an affiliate may advertise in the carousel: Minimum of 1 | Maximum of 3.
  • Initial advertisement shown when you visit the website will not always be the same – meaning there is no “number 1 spot” – the ads are rotating constantly throughout the day.
  • Hyperlinks to your website can be linked to the ad itself.
  • Here is an acceptable sample advertisement:


  • $100 for 1 month
  • $200 for 3 months


Your artwork must meet the requirements below.  Provide this information to the design team of your choice.

  • Dimensions must be exactly 1600 x 300 pixels.
  • Minimum resolution 72 dpi.
  • Accepted formats: JPG or PNG.
  • Remember, less is more!  Put something “eye catching” in your ad and keep the content simple – avoid clutter!
  • Low resolution ads will not be accepted.



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